Bitcoin Clarity — The Complete Beginners Guide to Understanding

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Why Learning about Bitcoin is valuable...

10 Things This Book Will Teach You

Learn about...
  1. Bitcoin Focus
  2. Blockchain Basics
  3. Systems Thinking
  4. The Evolution of Accounting
  5. Adversarial Thinking
  6. Full Nodes & Validation
  7. Mining & Consensus
  8. What are Tokens?
  9. "Smart" Contracts
  10. Psychology & Mindset
...and much more

About Kiara Bickers

I am the creator of this little site you're hanging out in.

When I wanted to learn more about Bitcoin I spent a few years studying economics and markets, a few more years learning how to code before realizing that none of that information was all that helpful for understanding Bitcoin. I had made a fairly time consuming wrong turn . . .

Why Bitcoin Clarity?

Let's be honest, most people aren't buying into Bitcoin because they expect to use it peer-to-peer. Most people are buying it for the hype. Hype draws people in like flies on a dead possum. Which is to say, that once people are drawn in, they don't care what brought them there.

If you want a straight-forward way to separate the signal from the hype, to understand Bitcoin as a system, I've put together Bitcoin Clarity to explain everything you need to know with the beauty of Vivaldi's storm.

Bitcoin Clarity — The Complete Beginners Guide to Understanding

"My new go-to recommendation."
Down The Rabbit Hole Podcast
Bitcoin Clarity Book Image
"A Damn Masterpiece"
Leigh Cuen
Bitcoin Magazine

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