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So you're thinking about investing in "crypto"?

I fell into the Bitcoin rabbit hole years ago and I've never made it back out.

When I wanted to learn more about Bitcoin I spent a few years studying economics and markets, a few more years learning how to code... before realizing that none of that information was really necessary for understanding Bitcoin. I had made a fairly time consuming wrong turn. It wasn’t until I learned about the concept of systems thinking, and how to frame my understanding of Bitcoin with mental models that I saw success in explaining these complicated concepts to other people quickly, without them having to do time in this rabbit hole with me.

I've packaged that up all nice and neat for you in the book Bitcoin Clarity. The book has been purchased by hundreds of Bitcoiners, entrepreneurs and investors all looking for a new way to understand Bitcoin. And the book hasn't even launched on Amazon yet. But seriously, Bezos has enough money anyway.

Wow, that's awfully forward of you. I've barely explained what this is about yet.

bitcoin clarity book

So why Bitcoin?

The obvious reason is that Bitcoin is the most dominant and trusted cryptocurrency... But why Bitcoin is dominant?

Why does Bitcoin exist? Because of decentralization.

Why decentralization? Because of censorship-resistance.

Why censorship-resistance...

Because censorship is ████████ ████ ████ ██████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████████ ████ ██fine. ████████ ████ ████████████ ███████ ███████████ ██████-███████████ █████ ████ █████████ ██████████ citizens' trust ██ their government.Because censorship is a tool for control. The truth can be hard to define. But for authoritarian regimes, uncensored regime-threatening information can completely destabilize citizens' trust in their government.

You can't have free speech without free bank accounts, just ask Wikileaks.

signal vs. noise

Why Bitcoin Clarity?

Let's be honest, most people aren't buying into Bitcoin because they expect to use it peer-to-peer. Most people are buying it for the hype. Hype draws people in like flies on a dead possum. Which is to say, that once people are drawn in... they don't care what brought them there. The problem with hype is not that it raises your expectations too high, although even Oscar Wilde can be overhyped.

The problem with hype is that it takes the focus way from utility value, why Bitcoin is useful to you, and puts the focus on exchange value, what Bitcoins' reputation is at any given moment. But when saner minds prevail, they remind us not to buy into the hype at all but to buy the reason for the hype.

If you want a straight-forward way to understand Bitcoin as a system, to separate the signal from the hype, I've put together a 6-week training in the Bitcoin Clarity Accelerator. In it, you’ll learn the history of cypherpunks, the first Bitcoin client, how to mine, if mining is profitable, the usefulness of the Howey Test, and a bunch more. I've removed all the industry jargon, and explain everything I've ever learned from cypherpunks with the noble simplicity of Vivaldi's storm.

Wow… I appreciate the enthusiasm... But how about you buy me dinner first?

Bitcoin clarity training

It's too easy to see cryptocurrency a tangled knot of chaos

News outlets and social media news feeds are all noise. We need a system from separating the signal from the noise. Like Bruce Lee, we want to absorb what is useful and discard the rest. Instead of chasing every new shiny object I focus on the fundamentals. The facts about this system that don't change with what's trending.

Bitcoin focus

We start here to get a firm understanding of the first blockchain. What is Bitcoin, and why do we need it

Blockchain basics

Simplify crypto down to its most basic useable parts, wallets, addresses, UTXOs, transactions, and blocks

Mental models

Think at different levels of abstraction, understand how the metaphors map to the underlying technical details

Adversarial thinking

Adopt the thinking of an adversarial hacker, identify risk, develop your threat model, and secure your funds

Mining & profitability

What is mining and when is it profitable? Calculate your electricity costs, hardware, and failure rate

Smart contracts

Self-executing code on the blockchain, advanced transactions, opcodes, and using the lighting network

Tokens & securities

Crypto-assets, security tokens vs. tokenized securities, launching tokens for shares, air, or equity

Analyze & evaluate

How to evaluate opportunities in this new industry, white papers, research, analyze, technical, and legal viability

Accounting, legal & tax

Double-entry accounting, triple-entry accounting, how to track your coins and keep more of your money

Buying, Selling, Trading

The value of information, avoiding the hype/panic cycle, develop your own trading strategy without the jargon

Psychology & mindset

How to go against crypto-tribalism, think for yourself, and be better than the so called experts

Earn in crypto

Accept cryptocurrencies in your existing business, use crypto interest accounts, or work for Bitcoin

I've been going on and on about what I do, I haven’t told you who I am...

Hi, my name is Kiara

I am a writer, a hopeless romantic and a cryptobiologist. I study digital life like blockhains and document my findings on this little site you're hanging out in.

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