Are We A Good Fit?

Question: How do I get started with Bitcoin Clarity? What are the price details?

Answer: In an ideal world, I'd love to work with everyone 1-on-1, but because cloning me is not yet an option I've created a scale of different ways to work with me. The Book, The Accelerator, and The Inner Circle. The Book you can get in print in the US and Canada now! For The Accelerator you have to apply. And to work with me 1-on-1 you'll also apply, and we'll work out the details on your scheduled call.

The Book


  • Clarity and Laser Focus
  • +200 Pages of Mental Models

The Accelerator


  • Reprogram your Brain
  • The Book + 6-Week Training
  • Q&A with Video & Email Support

The Inner Circle

Contact Us

  • Expert Mentorship
  • 1-on-1 Support on Demand

Question: What can I expect out of The Book? Can I get a preview, or see the table of contents?

Answer: The mission of The Book is to explain everything with mental models & historical context⁠. To goal is for anyone who reads the book to fully understand WHY Bitcoin works, and WHY the market moves the way it does.

Table of Contents:

Bitcoin Clarity - Table of Contents Bitcoin Clarity - Table of Contents
Question: Why is The Book only available on this site, and on Amazon as a preorder (Release Date: 03/27/20)?

Answer: As a first time self-published author I'd prefer to sell directly to you than on Amazon. That being said, shipping abroad from the US is not cost-effective. So I've opened up preorders on Amazon for ebook (and soon for print) to release soon on March 277th.

Question: The Book was a work of art! Where can I review it? And where can I get more content like this?

I would highly appreciate a review of the book!

You can do that by heading over to Amazon, search for "bitcoin clarity", then scroll down to "Write a customer review".

You can also review the book on Goodreads.

The best bet right now is to follow me on social media.

Question: What kind of people typically join The Accelerator?

Answer: People who looking for a pain free and fast path to working with Bitcoin.

Question: What happens during the course of The Accelerator program?

Answer: Once you are enrolled, you'll be able to sign in here in the upper right corner where it says "Sign in". There, every week for 6-weeks you'll get new video content released to you laying out how you can understanding and work with Bitcoin. The training includes access to me though discussion groups, Q&A Sessions, and email.

Question: How can I continue working with Bitcoin Clarity after The Accelerator program?

Answer: After The Accelerator program, you keep full access to all the videos, discussion groups, and can continue to ask questions at any time.

Question: How do I know if the timing is right for me to get into Bitcoin?

Answer: You don't, until you do. I'm not here to convince you.